Salmon Season 2016

This salmon season for me saw the slowest season in 15 years.  It makes some sense as MDNR plants of been cut for 5 years now.  With fewer fish planted there are fewer the last few years there were fewer to return in the fall.  This whole process is due in part to the fact that the bait fish populations are been in decline.  The good news is the MDNR feels that they are in recovery mode and therefore things should get better.  With all that said we still got after the Kings of Fall and had a blast chasing them.  What follows are a handful of fish pictures from this fall.  Enjoy!!!

The Brothers Allemon 2016 Salmon

My fishing buddies from ST. Clair Shores came up to wrestle with the King Salmon for a few days.  Brad after a great first day convinced his brother Evan to join us the next day.  Needless to say the brother loved flowed as well as the fish hit.  It was a great couple of day on the water.  I think that some new salmon chaser were born.  He are some pictures from the two day trip.  Enjoy!!

The Chronicles Of Idaho Jim ’16

As a fisherman I am always meeting new people on the water, that is a benefit to this life style.  Some we get along with, some we are ok with and some become good friends.  The later leads you to my good friend Idaho Jim.  I meet Jim a few years back on the lower part of the Pere Marquette River.  After talking to him for about 15 straight days we started to bond.  The following fall I ran into Jim everyday again for days in a row.  This time however we had stories to share and I developed a boat issue.  Hence Jim taught me the importance of bail wire, and about Sturgeon fishing in Idaho his home state.  I saw the video so I knew he was speaking the truth.  Long story short we are good friends now and when not with clients in the fall Jim and I fish together.  Below are a series of pics from a few of our trips this past fall.  Enjoy!!


Spring and Summer Trips of 2016

This spring and summer saw many trips to many different bodies of water.  Some clients wanted to go after pan fish while others wanted to float and throw spinners for pike and bass. Whatever their liking we were able to find fish.  If you have never just floated a river it maybe one of the most relaxing things you can do,, well until a northern pike decides it wants to destroy your spinner bait.  Here are a few pics from what was a great summer of fishing.

The Rapids of St. Marys 2016

This year saw my fishing partner with a baby due in June so we hade to go earlier then normal.  We went up in May and saw some different things.  We saw early run fish, not drop backs. We saw less pressure as we were a little early for peak run.  We saw colder air and lower water for the first day. It was still not low enough to fish the big water hard, but we could fish it a bit.  We had a great time as usual and as always it was way to fast.  Enjoy

Steelhead Trips of 2016

This past spring we saw a decent run of steelhead.  We had to deal with high water for what seemed like a solid month.  This really put the fish in some different locations on the river.  That however did not stop my clients and I from some great trips with wonderful memories me great trips and wonderful memories.  Many a nice steelhead was brought to the net.  Below are just a handful of these great fish.

A Christmas Story

It was a mild December 28th from most winters.  On this day my god son Jeremy West brought his young son Rustin and Coltin from Baton Rough up to show them what fishing was like when he was a kid.  We had a great day as we reached double digit hook ups and brought 5 to the net.  Not to bad for a 5 and 11 year old.  The hot action helped make up for a day with dropping temps.  All in all the boys had a great time and got to feel the power of a steelhead.  Here are a few pics from the day.  Enjoy!!

St. Mary’s Rapids 2015

Another wonderful trip to Canada or the Saulte.  I look so forward to this trip every year and it always take so long to get here and then flies by so fast once we are there.  This trip saw Mike and I limited to fishing only the shallow water.  The hard winter did not allow Lake Superior to water to evaporate at its normal rate so it was very high and they need to drain some off.  Therefore they had 14 of 18 gates open and the big water was 4 feet higher then normal.  Its still the rapids and its still Canada.  Oh how I love it.  Enjoy!!   P.S.   when i’m by myself I take a pic of the fish in the water as I cannot hold it up, take a picture, and release it with harm by myself.


2015 Spring Steel season

Well, I am all in on a new adventure.  I have been fishing these waters for years if not decades.  I earned a degree in Education from Grand Valley State University to work in a classroom to  enlighten my students.  My classroom is now the river, my text books are my rods and lures that you will use to lure these beautiful silver creatures from the water with.  Yes the spring of 2015 is my first crack at really guiding exclusively with no distractions.  Here are just a few of the happy faces, chrome fish and beautiful back drops from an AMAZING spring.  Enjoy