The Chronicles Of Idaho Jim ’16

As a fisherman I am always meeting new people on the water, that is a benefit to this life style.  Some we get along with, some we are ok with and some become good friends.  The later leads you to my good friend Idaho Jim.  I meet Jim a few years back on the lower part of the Pere Marquette River.  After talking to him for about 15 straight days we started to bond.  The following fall I ran into Jim everyday again for days in a row.  This time however we had stories to share and I developed a boat issue.  Hence Jim taught me the importance of bail wire, and about Sturgeon fishing in Idaho his home state.  I saw the video so I knew he was speaking the truth.  Long story short we are good friends now and when not with clients in the fall Jim and I fish together.  Below are a series of pics from a few of our trips this past fall.  Enjoy!!


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